More Ways Loving Yourself

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I am posting on this article specifically for women. Here's how to love yourself more.
1. Write down a list of your best qualities and hang above the mirror to read when you get ready to start your day every morning.
2. Pick dandelion flowers for yourself on the way home from school and place them in a vase beside the table bed to brighten your bedroom.
3. Rent your favorite movies and invite some friends over to your house to watch it with you.
4. Eat a banana or apple with your lunch, not a greasy plate of fried potatoes.
5. Write poems of love for yourself.
6. Create a photo scrapbook of your family. Whenever you feel upset or angry with your family members, look at the book and remind yourself of all the wonderful times you had together.
7. On Monday, creating a list of everything that you need to do before Friday. On Friday, if everything on your list tick marked, go to the mall and buy yourself by buying something special.
8. If you feel sad, read a book of humor until you can not stop laughing.
9. When the steamy mirror after a shower, write "I Love You" on it with your finger. The next time you shower again, writing it will make you smile.
10. Ask mom or dad to buy fresh vegetables when they go shopping at the supermarket. Later when you watch TV, you can try to be snacking on vegetables.
11. Give yourselves bear hug every day.
12. Find an old photograph you when you were little. Hanging in the closet as a reminder that you can be as free and as happy as that.
13. Degree slumber party with your favorite friends. Ask everyone to bring mud masks, nail polish, hair accessories and anything else that's perfect for a full afternoon of beauty.
14. Instead of reading fashion magazines, read magazines about something you do not know at all.
15. Drag your face and create a truly mimic ridiculous to yourself in the mirror.
16. Do something nice for someone. Give them a bowl of homemade cookies or share your lunch with someone who forgot to bring his lunch. The act will make you feel good to yourself and make others feel good too.
17. Speak to a new student at school today .. who knows maybe eventually you can be friends.
18. Instead of buying the same black shirt worn everyone else, buy a different shirt in red light and create a fashion statement.
19. Make up a positive affirmation like "I love myself" or "I can do anything". Repeat this to yourself whenever you feel afraid, insecure or sad.
20. Create your own Website. Put your favorite photos and the people who matter most to you, along with a list of hobbies, dreams and other cool things you've done. Think of it as a personal site for the arrogant in cyberspace.

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Nice article..I like it..mantef banget bang arman..hahahahayyy

Tips dan triks blog said...

Bahasa Inggris nih sekarang sob... Untuk Claim di technorati aja?

Arman said...

Hehe...thank bang icah...:D

Arman said...

@Endi, iyah sob cuma buat claim biar ke index postingannya harus pake bahasa inggris hihihi...yg dulu ke claim tp ga ke index sob pagenya katanya sih gr2 ga pake bahasa inggris gt

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